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Almost everyone knows several local real estate agents but selling your St. Louis MO house to a direct cash buyer like Keys 2 Freedom Real Estate may be a new concept for most. See how we’ve helped local property owners sell with confidence, for a fair price, on their own schedule without traditional real estate hassles and fees.

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Real smooth process! Everything was straightforward, the level of trust goes a long way, and it has been really easy and we’re excited for everyone.

Jack and Lauren
Wentzville, MO
Jack and Lauren: Langtree Drive, Wentzville, MO
Testimonial: David - Liggett Ave, St. Louis, MO

There was great communication and the timing really lined out great — we get to sell our property and buy a new one we love.

St. Louis, MO

Everything works very efficient and they were very professional.

St. Louis, MO
Charles: Bircher Avenue, St. Louis, MO
Michael: Fairdale Avenue, St. Louis, MO

It worked out great and I got what I wanted out of the house and they made the process so easy.

St. Louis, MO

Brysan and his whole team were very professional and biggest thing for me was the quick calls and he kept true to his words.

St. Louis, MO
Brady: Emerson Avenue, St. Louis, MO
Jack: Adrian Drive, St. Louis, MO

I’m very happy to say that everything went successful and the property was sold and I’m very happy that I met Brysan.

St. Louis, MO
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